2019 at JICC

Animals in Japanese Outsider Art



(July 16,It will be held as evening view, 17-20 only.)

場所: JICC 在米国日本大使館広報文化センター(ワシントンD.C. )

JICC: Japan Information & Culture Center, Embassy of Japan

主催:ワシントンD.C. 在アメリカ合衆国日本大使館

Embassy of Japan in the United State of America

協賛:UPS,全日本空輸株式会社,株式会社 三恒(順不同:敬称略)

この企画展、Animals in Japanese Outsider Art は、ワシントンのナショナルギャラリーで開催された、The Life of Animals in Japanese Art( June 2‐August 18, 2019)と関連付けられた企画として開催されたものです。

This exhibition titled “Animals in Japanese Outsider Art” was held in conjunction with “The Life of Animals in Japanese Art” at the Washington National Gallery of Art (June 2 to August 18, 2019).
The exhibition at the National Gallery of Art showcased many wonderful Japanese masterpieces, it could be said that this exhibition is like the Olympics and Paralympics of art.
In fact, in Japan, there are many excellent works of art that depict animals other than the masterpieces shown in these exhibitions. In particular, artwork created by artists with intellectual disadvantages or mental illnesses often depict animals with rich colors and unique patterns, drawn from a truly unique point of view. We hope that through their artwork you will be able to experience the unique culture of Japan in which animals have been selected as everyday subjects. We hope that you might perhaps be able to view them not as masterpieces, but rather from a different perspective.