Art of the Rough Diamonds

2017  in PORTLAND 

Art of the Rough Diamonds Exhibition 2017

This is the exhibition of two popular artists in TOKYO.
At Behind the Museum Café

Behind the Museum Café
1229 SW 10th Ave. Portland
Tel : 503.477.6625
Parking : Easier street parking can be found on 11th Ave. And there is a path between the Eliot Tower and the next blue building that provides access to the cafe.

This exhibition was held in Tokyo Japan this April and is now making its first appearance as a traveling show in Portland, Oregon at Behind the Museum Cafe. The purpose of this exhibition is to present and highlight the works of art created by individuals with mental disabilities and illnesses. Our goal is to provide opportunities and access to these individuals, who are underrepresented in the world of art and perspectives need to be seen and heard. The proceeds of this exhibition will be given to the institutions that facilitate these individuals to make work so the program can grow and continue to provide opportunities like this. This Portland show will be exhibiting two of the more popular artist from this program, Fumihiko Ozaki and Michiko Matsumoto.

Fumihiko Ozaki

Fumihiko Ozaki was born in 1978. Since 1997 Ozaki has been a member of the craft workshop La Mano. Here is has created works that draw on motifs and subjects such as plants, musical instrument, and most frequently animals. In his work he a uses a dynamic sense of line and unique use shapes that illustrate is emotion.


Michiko Matsumoto

Michiko Matsumoto was born in 1973. In the year 2000 Matsumoto was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Matsumoto started her art career in 2010 when she joined the studio COOCA where she began to paint. One year later she adopted her cat Hope, who has now become the exclusive subject matter to her work.